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Peace of Mind 




缅怀先祖追思故人 ,逝者安息追悼者心怡.


Of Earthly Beauty and Eternal Peace...Oriental Crafted Memorial


Pet Memorial Services Malaysia - Pet Burial Cemetery/Urn Columbarium宠物墓园宠物墓地/宠物骨灰靈位骨灰殿 (Dog memorials and Cat memorial only)

The loss of pet can leave a deep void and create a great amount of sorrow for some. What you’re left with are pet memories of precious moments spent with them.

Coming to terms with the loss of a pet is not an easy process, but it can be managed if you choose to channel your grief through a unique avenue – creating a special shrine in honor of your treasured buddy. This could be done at the first ever Pet Memorial Garden & pet urn columbarium located within Nirvana Memorial Park Semenyih for all pets Malaysia lover, with the own pet grave/dog cemetery and dog memorial stone (special tombstones for dog and cat only).

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Pets Funeral Services in Malaysia and Funeral Arrangements Nirvana Malaysia / Nirvana Memorial Park Malaysia (dog & cat only)

This is an exclusive pet memorial service offering a one-stop pet funeral facility for your beloved pets at peace. This exclusively designed and caring pet burial services can bring for the pet owner a total peace of mind and hassle-free solution. The owner can witness the dignity of the last journey of their beloved pet with sweet memories.

The memorial pet services flow are as follow:

1. Door to door pick up service – the pet remains, dog and cat only (The service is restricted to the radius of 35km from Nirvana Memorial Centre, Kuala Lumpur).

2. The pet remains will be put into a seal bag and handle hygienically and transported to the Pet Memorial Garden.

3. Disinfection of the pet remains.

4. Providing of a Pet Casket (standard design) - dog caskets or cat caskets.

5. The dog casket / cat casket elaborately decorated with flowers.

6. The pet remains will be buried within 24 hours after arriving at the pet cemeteries.

7. The dog burial hole dug and prepared for burial before the remains arrived at the pet cemetry.

8. Placing of dog coffin/ animal coffins into animal burial hole and covered.

9. The pet burial plot will be landscaped.

The erection of pet tombstone (memorial stones for pets) with inscriptions according to the cat/ dog memorial ideas for personalized pet memorial and pet rememberance.

For pet cremation, the above process flow will be different.

Nirvana Malaysia / Nirvana Memorial Park Malaysia 富贵集团富贵山庄的创意新点子层出不穷! 因为我们更深切的了解您和宠物之间 剪不断 , 理还乱 的密切关系, 所以特地在富贵山庄一塊上好的地段, 设立大马第一个宠物墓园/宠物墓地,为您心爱的宠物安排一个装潢优雅的后花园. 这座墓园,将成为您对逝去宠物永远的怀念地標.

Nirvana Malaysia / Nirvana Memorial Park Malaysia 富贵集团富贵山庄宠物墓园/宠物墓地, 设计以现代化的装潢为考量, 幽雅 , 寧静为主题 . 它延续您与宠物之间的深厚感情. 通过宠物墓园的具体设施和精致碑誌, 充分的呈现出来. 此外也形成了优美环境和精心设计所匯成的不巧纪念.

Nirvana Malaysia / Nirvana Memorial Park Malaysia 富贵集团富贵山庄富富貴寵物殡葬配套  (仅限猫和狗宠物而已  ) 
别出心裁的富貴寵物殡葬配套  ,包攬关怀备至及一站式的寵物墓葬服務,令失去寵物的主人和家人,免卻一切煩瑣的寵物身後事  ,同时目睹挚爱寵物得尊榮入土,让人留下一个深刻永懷的记忆.





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