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缅怀先祖追思故人 ,逝者安息追悼者心怡.


Of Earthly Beauty and Eternal Peace...Oriental Crafted Memorial


Nirvana Memorial Garden, Semenyih 世外桃源-士毛月

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Nirvana Memorial Garden Semenyih is just next to the existing Nirvana Memorial Park Semenyih. Totaling 209 acres, the Nirvana Memorial Garden Semenyih is a newly developed memorial park which is only 2km distance from Nirvana Memorial Park Semenyih. It is an environmentally serene burial land blessed with great Feng Shui and contemporary design. This all new Memorial Park sets a new benchmark for the establishment of peaceful environments that have specific zones, catering for Buddhists and Taoist and Christians.

The current developed plan of Nirvana Memorial Garden Semenyih includes an Artistic Garden, Christian Memorial Garden and a Christian Columbarium. These integrated burial plots are located at and designed with tranquil settings. Renown Fengshui Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai has high praises for Nirvana Memorial Garden Semenyih - “Nirvana Memorial Garden Semenyih, a piece of good fengshui land, gathers wind and energy, complemented by the “Green Dragon” on the left and “White Tiger” on the right. It is bound to bring good fortune and blessing for posterity. Nirvana Memorial Garden Semenyih, indeed a serene final resting ground.

NV Royal Burial Cemetery Graveyard Nirvana Memorial Garden Semenyih


Matthew Zone Burial Lots Cemetery Graveyard Nirvana Memorial Garden Semenyih
富贵山庄世外桃源-士毛月基督徒墓園 Matthew Zone


Christian Urns Columbarium Nirvana Memorial Garden Semenyih



Chen Fo Chong Buddhist Taoist Urn Columbarium Nirvana Memorial Garden Semenyih

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