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Peace of Mind 




缅怀先祖追思故人 ,逝者安息追悼者心怡.


Of Earthly Beauty and Eternal Peace...Oriental Crafted Memorial


Nirvana Memorial Park Cemetery - Nirvana Cemetery Plot/ Graveyard & Burial Lot

富贵山庄华人坟墓- 马来西亚墓園土葬永久风水墓地 /陵墓/陵园


预购桃源古镇骨灰殿双位 ,可享有高达价格40%特别优惠预购第 2个桃源古镇骨灰殿双位。只须20%首期定金+高达36个月的0% 利息付款)- 优惠到 31/12/2013

A tomb is a repository for the remains of the deceased. It is commonly any structurally enclosed burial service plot or graveyard or cemetery, of varying sizes.

Cemetery burial plot of The Rich and Famous Nirvana Malaysia / Nirvana Memorial Park Malaysia

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Nirvana Malaysia / Nirvana Memorial Park Malaysia is featured with its outstanding landscaping, lush greenery, beautiful flora and contemporary sculpture, thereby the burial service plot/ cemetery plots/ graveyard is a place with peacefulness atmosphere for the resting of the departed loved ones. Splendidly designed with garden style memorial park, Nirvana Malaysia / Nirvana Memorial Park Malaysia comes with a variety of burial plot/ cemetary plot (cemetary plots)/ grave yard and grave plot prices of choices, which family burial plots, double burial plots, single burial lot are all featured with different tomb designs and price for sale, not only Chinese cemetery but also Christian burial ground arrangement.


Nirvana Malaysia / Nirvana Memorial Park Malaysia have funeral burial plan/ burial plans in our cemeteries. Burial plot for sales (burial plots for sales) but also burial land for sale and the burial plot cost / burial packages cater to the needs for the Buddhists, Taoists, Christian, Catholic etc. We have have urn columbarium cremation burial arrangement services at Nirvana Memorial Park Shah Alam too.


Contact us to find grave or funeral land and funeral burial ground service arrangement and other burial packages for your beloved.


NV Royal Burial Cemetery Burial Plot Nirvana Memorial Garden Semenyih

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Christian Burial Lots Nirvana Memorial Garden Semenyih

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Matthew Zone Burial Lots Cemetery Graveyard Nirvana Memorial Garden Semenyih
富贵山庄基督徒墓地墓園 Matthew Zone

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Burial Lot Zone DEFG Nirvana Memorial Park Shah Alam


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如何挑选公墓/ 如何买墓地 /购买投资土葬墓地 - 公共土葬墓地墓园的选择


Nirvana Malaysia / Nirvana Memorial Park Malaysia 富贵集团富贵山庄的殡葬产品特色,是完全可以自由转让,您既可以为自己购买富贵山庄的墓園风水墓地/陵墓/陵园/坟墓,也可以买给您的亲人使用,避免亲人承受过度的压力,方便亲人处理治丧事宜。富贵山庄所提供的各类型墓园风水墓地/陵墓/陵园/坟墓,以设计精美雅致,价格配合您的预算,让您心无牵挂著称。 富贵山庄世外桃源,更是千年難求,規劃現代化的墓園風水墓地/墓园/陵墓/坟墓。

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