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Memorial park takes steps to manage traffic   

TRAFFIC congestion is unavoidable during the Qing Ming festival but thankfully Nirvana Memorial Park has taken several measures to help ease congestion around the park. 
“We will appoint traffic police and Rela to help us with the traffic situation,” said Nirvana Memorial Park deputy general manager Gary Hiew. 
Hiew said the Rela volunteers would work with Nirvana’s staff to manage the traffic leading to as well as within the memorial park. 
Traffic police are going to be stationed at the traffic light junction in Jalan Semenyih to help smoothen the flow of vehicles exiting the grounds. 
According to Hiew, the memorial park has moer than 40,000 tombs and niches, and sees 200,000 to 300,000 visitors throughout the Qing Ming period. 
Despite that, he assured that the memorial park had ample parking space and that their roads were wide enough for motorists to park on the side. 
He said the peak days would be March 29 and April 5, both of which fell on a Sunday. 
“We advise people to take advantage of the school holidays if they want to pay their respects during Qing Ming,” he said, adding that that would help ease the traffic congestion over the following weeks. 
Qing Ming, also known as the Tomb Sweeping Day, is a day where Chinese families travel to their ancestors’ graves to pay their respects. 
It is common for these families to clean their ancestors’ graves and place offerings of food, paper clothes, and – in modern times – even paper replicas of computer laptops and tablets. 
Source: The Star, 18/3/2015  
Ref: 3458



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