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Nirvana KL Funeral Services  / Nirvana Funeral Service KL Malaysia 富贵山莊 殡葬服务/殡仪服务公司殯葬網

KL Funeral services cost are on the rise?

With prices rising for most food to services; it won’t be surprise that even death has become a very expensive affair.  Prices for non-Muslims will again vary according to religious requirements and can range from anywhere between RM2,000 – RM150,000 (for extravagant funerals with expensive plots and headstones). There is where funeral preplan with Nirvana Malaysia / Nirvana Memorial Park Malaysia bereavement and KL funeral services service provider.

Most people have never planned a funeral service order before and, in fact, they do not know where to begin. By offering complete Nirvana KL services funeral packages we have done much of the preliminary work, allowing you to concentrate on other matters. We hope to be of help in this time of need and our deepest sympathies go out to you and your family. The main thing, even in death, no escape from rising prices of graveyard and cemetery plot (Ref: The Malay Mail, 11th April 2014)

Nirvana KL Funeral Services / Nirvana Funeral Service KL Malaysia will provide you the very best care in funeral service KL - Klang Valley for planning and the funeral arrangements at our funeral parlour/ funeral home to help you through this difficult time. They will help plan every detail of a funeral ceremony customized to fit your family’s needs and traditions.

Nirvana Malaysia / Nirvana Memorial Park Malaysia funeral plan service package as below:

Nirvana KL funeral services KL - NV Honour    Nirvana KL funeral services KL - NV Elegant    Nirvana KL funeral services KL - NV Harmony    Nirvana KL funeral services KL - NV Gracious  

What is Nirvana KL funeral services / Nirvana KL funeral plan service ceremony pre-planning?

No one likes to think about death, let alone plan for it. In many families, discussing one’s mortality is an extremely uncomfortable topic. But it is a topic that should be discussed and planned for well in advance of your death.

It’s easy to say, “Don’t make a fuss. I don’t want a ceremony. Just bury me and be done with it.” But it is important to realize that the ritual of a funeral and/or the funeral memorial services is not for the deceased but for the living. It is a time when friends and family can gather together to grieve openly and to provide support for one another.

By pre-planning your funeral service program and the funeral order of service, you relieve your family of having to make important financial decisions during a period of great stress and grief-a time when people aren’t thinking very clearly and may not know what to do because you never made your wishes known.


Why Nirvana KL funeral services / Nirvana KL funeral services ceremony preplanning/ prepaid funeral is so important ?

How much do you think the cost of funerals and burial ? The cost of conducting a funeral arrangement service ? The funeral charges is not known to most of us until it is needed. Do you know how to arrange a funeral and the funeral ceremonies at which funeral parlour/ funeral home? What is the cheapest funeral plan ? Is prepaid funeral plans good preparation for funerals ? This is where preplanning is so important.

  • Relieve loved ones from financial burdens, stress and confusion 
  • Prevent the family from making costly and hasty decisions with our relatively cheap KL funeral services
  • Help to hedge against inflation and ultimately save money for the KL funeral memorial
  • Allow individuals to decide their preferred order of funeral service, choose their own rites and rituals of preferred funeral parlour / parlor and funeral home company service


Nirvana KL Funeral Plan Services Package ( wake services )富贵山莊殯葬禮儀公司殡仪服务:

NV Honour  富貴如意 - 富贵中华佛道教殡葬礼仪服务配套Nirvana Chinese Buddhist Taoist Funeral Ceremony

NV Elegant 富貴安祥 - 富贵中华佛道教殡葬礼仪服务配套 Nirvana Chinese Buddhist Taoist Funeral Ceremony

NV Harmony  富貴永康 - 富贵中华佛道教殡葬礼仪服务配套 Nirvana Chinese Buddhist Taoist Funeral Ceremony

NV Gracious 富貴聖恩 - 富贵基督殡葬礼仪服务配套 Nirvana Christian & Christianity Funeral Service Package



Nirvana Funeral Service KL / Nirvana KL Funeral Service Malaysia富贵集团富贵山莊殡葬服务/殡仪服务公司事前規劃就是預先把自己的身後事,通過自己的主權,在生前就安排得一清二楚。在事前規劃下,當事人生前就決定自己往生時所享有的一份尊容及避免殯儀寿板棺木服務收費通貨膨脹的衝擊。早作葬禮準備,免後顧之憂,免除家人在面對失去摯愛和不知所措的雙重打擊。







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